5 Steps to Raising $500

Fundraising Hands

Asking for donations can always be daunting, and it may seem like you need to ask a gazillion people to donate to raise $500, but when you break it down, it really isn’t too bad.

  1. Cross this off because you’ve already personally contributed $75 to your fund when you signed up!  You are setting a great example for your donors.
  2. Ask 2 family members to each contribute $75.
  3. Ask 5 friends to each contribute $25.
  4. Ask 5 co-workers to each contribute $20 (check to see if the company will match).
  5. Ask 2 businesses you frequent to personally contribute $25 (this is an easy one — ask your barber/hair stylist, dry cleaner or restaurant where you eat lunch every day).

You’re done!  Total Donations: $500!  Now remember to write personalized thank-you notes so that next time you ask for a donation, they remember the appreciation.