Thank you for your interest in supporting Team AMP and AADAP! Every dollar will go towards the work of the Asian American Drug Abuse Program (AADAP), which has been providing essential services to men, women, and children for over 47 years. AADAP helps tens of thousands of individuals every year in our local communities, and is committed to helping people overcome addiction and learn to lead a productive, drug-free life. AADAP also invests in youth, providing education and guidance to help them grow beyond their circumstances and become successful adults.

Investing in young people is one of the ways that AADAP accomplishes its mission. That’s why we have staff and programs dedicated to youth and community prevention. According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy Report (ONDCP) preventing drug use before it begins is the most cost-effective way to reduce drug use and its consequences in America. Recent research has concluded that every dollar invested in  school-based substance use prevention programs has the potential to save up to $18 in costs related to substance use disorder.

We thank you in advance for your support for our runners and for AADAP’s programs and clients! All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Questions? Contact Paulina Hong, Team AMP Coordinator at, or call 323-296-6284.


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